Havanese dog puppies for sale

Havanese dog puppies for sale. We require payment in full and a signed copy of our adoption contract before you can take ownership of your puppy. Direct bank deposit, Wire transfer into our bank account through Zelle Pay. These methods of payment are the safest and most preferred way to make payments over the internet. However be informed that we ship your puppy only when funds have been transfer and cleared into our account.

Shipping a Havanese dog puppy 

You are more than welcome to drive here and pick up your puppy or meet us halfway. Bay-area havanese accept visits during weekends only strictly on appointment . If this doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to ship your puppy using one of our  options listed. Shipping through airlines and by ground. The cost for this starts at $230 by ground and $350 by air to select airports. Professional ground shippers that take 2 puppies and typically hold the puppy or place them next to the driver. We can also meet you at the airport.

Air shipping includes an airline-approved shipping crate, up-to-date vaccinations and the registration as well as microchip registration. Most puppies arrive at a holding area at the airport either at cargo or sometimes at a ticketing terminal. Puppies are shipped in the climate/pressure control areas of the plane not put on a conveyor like luggage. By law they must be either hand-carried or put on a dolly on flight .They take very good care of the puppies and this is the safest way to ship your puppy. A booking will be made with only the best possible route for the safe travel of your puppy. For our peace of mind please call us when you have the puppy.

Havanese puppy guarantee/Warranty

 The puppy sold is guaranteed to be healthy and free from apparent congenital defects that prevent the pup from living a normal life. The havanese breeders ability to determine warranty does not include cryptorchids or over/under bites. Our kennel gives the buyer a general health guarantee of seven days after the removal from the kennel. If within that period, a licensed veterinarian determines a serious illness with the puppy it can be returned in exchange for a puppy of equal or lesser value. immediately or as soon as available. This is at the discretion of the breeder.

AKC Havanese Puppies

 All puppies are released up-to-date on vaccinations according to our vet’s protocol. Consult with your vet on continued protection for your puppy. We will do our best to make sure puppy is the healthiest you can buy anywhere well socialised. We are also offering the option to have the Health Check done before pick up at a minimal charge.They come with AKC Registration, health guarantee and shot records. If your puppy is shipped via ground or air we will also provide the shipping kennel food and water.

***Thank you for adopting your precious puppy***


 Registration papers will only be sent for Full breeding rights and may not be sent until such time as the puppy has been spayed or neutered unless previously agreed upon by breeder